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May contain: wood, plywood, workshop, and furniture
May contain: wood, plywood, and hardwood









The workshop was a crucial structure on an early farm.  Without access to nearby hardware stores or automotive shops, online ordering, or shopping malls, farm families had to perform their own repairs, rebuilds and renovations.  Often, parts from one item were recycled and used on others.  Farmers learned to be their own mechanics, construction workers, carpenters, plumbers, welders, landscapers, and later on, electricians.   Our renovated workshop displays many antique tools and equipment donated by local dealers and farm families, including the Nicolaus family. An exhibit in our workshop provides more information on how the Nicolaus family and their neighbors used their workshops to fix machines, equipment,automobiles, furniture, and farm structures. Student visitors will have a chance to use tools and perform workshop tasks on our new work tables designed and constructed by students at William Daylor High School's Building and Trades Pathway. Many thanks to retiring antique dealers Peggy and Lloyd Chapman as well as Barry Omstead for their generous contributions.