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Volunteer and Sponsor Spotlight: Bring on the Bees

Members of the Sacramento Area Beekeepers Association spearheaded by Debbi Gable have partnered with us to provide working hives for public viewing. Through their generosity, the hives will also be professionally maintained. Equipment for the hives was donated by Eric Foster of Mann Lake, Ltd., a beekeeping supply company in Woodland, CA. David Spease of Spease Bees Honey sponsored our educational bee-themed interpretive signs. These complement our pollinator programs, pollinator habitats, and other bee exhibits and also allow visitors to safely peek into the secret life of bees.

Did you know that honeybees are not just responsible for making honey, beeswax, and pollen? Honeybees perform a vital (and free) service in world food production. Seventy out of the top 100 human food crops — which supply about 90 percent of the world's nutrition — are pollinated by bees!  Pollination allows plants to reproduce by making seeds. The seeds are then planted to grow new crops. The next time you eat a fruit, nut, seed, vegetable, or herb, cook with canola or safflower oil, or drink a cup of coffee, thank a bee!