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Past Youth Scout Service Projects

Around the property you will find the outstanding work of several local scouts. Scouts from Elk Grove Boy Scout Troop 59 have performed community service at the dairy in the form of Eagle Projects. To complete the requirements for the rank of Eagle, the Boy Scout’s highest rank, individual boys worked with Project AWE staff to design and plan projects and then supervised other scouts and adult volunteers in the construction and installation of the projects. Youth leaders of Girl Scout troop #1756 also met with the Project AWE staff to determine needs and design service projects for the entire troop. The many hours of work, securing funding and supplies, and obtaining professional guidance all became the responsibility of the scouts. What great project management experience the boys and girls earned along with mastering work skills! We could not be happier with their end results. Attention, all Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and members of other youth organizations requiring community service--we still have plenty of projects available! Contact us at, or call 916-896-7811.


We would like to thank these scouts for their contributions to our dairy:


Girl Scout Troop #1756: Raised garden boxes accessible to disabled students, and a class-sized potting table for gardening activities

David Liley, BS Troop 59: Renovation of pig shed

Christopher Barbusca, BS Troop 59: Smokehouse Replica

Frank Flood, BS Troop 59: Nicolaus Family Milk Wagon

Robert Flood, BS Troop 59: Theater benches

Jason Hamel, BS Troop 59: Small animal corral

Thomas La, BS Troop 59: Interior viewing wall in henhouse

Michael Pate, BS Troop 59: Songbird boxes

Brian Nguyen, BS Troop 59: Outdoor chicken run

Raghav Vasudevan, BS Troop 59: Raptor boxes and roosting ladders

Gabriel McKenna, BS Troop 59: Disaabled-access picnic tables