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Multi-grade: The Secret Life of Bees and Butterflies: Pollinators to the Rescue!

Stay tuned for the future release of this program. Contact Patti Sipula, 916-892-2211 or to express an interest in participation. 



In response to the critical condition of California’s honeybees, this multi-grade unit introduces students to the process and importance of pollination and the secret life of pollinators.  Students discover metamorphosis, beehive colony roles, physical and behavioral adaptations of bees, the process of honey-making, and threats to bee survival. Optional classroom activities include raising mealworms, butterflies, or ladybugs to provide students with a close-up view of metamorphosis in action. Activism and stewardship are encouraged as students work to generate solutions to, and increase public awareness of, the bee crisis. Field trip activities include insect observations, honey tasting, bee house construction, vieiwing pollinator gardens and exhibits, flower planting, and possible visits from a bee wrangler or keeper.