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Multi-grade: The Busy Life of Bees and Butterflies: Pollinators to the Rescue!

In response to the critical condition of California’s honeybees and monarch butterflies, this on-line multi-grade unit introduces students to the process and importance of pollination and the secret life of pollinators. Multiple NGSS standards in grades three through six are addressed as students discover metamorphosis, beehive colony roles, physical and behavioral adaptations of bees, the process of honey-making, and threats to bee and monarch butterfly survival. Students are provided with opportunities to develop solutions and affect change. Optional classroom activities include raising mealworms, butterflies, or ladybugs to provide students with a close-up view of metamorphosis in action.

Access our Busy Life of Bees and Butterflies Student and Family Resource Site complete with ten downloadable lessons for teacher use. Simply click on the link below!

Busy Lives of Bees and Butterflies Learning Site

A pollinator-themed field trip is under development. Watch for updates here!