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Meet Our Resident Farmers

A trip to a farm would be incomplete without a peek at crops flourishing in the soil. At Nicolaus Dairy, the hard work of students attending the Sacramento Academic and Vocational Academy (SAVA) make this possible.

What does it take to prepare soil for planting, especially when the only plant grown in the farm plot for the past four decades is a weed?  The SAVA kids can tell you.  Along with their teacher, Amy Morgan, SAVA students designed, implemented, and maintain our farm plot on the north side of the house.   Students can frequently be seen onsite tilling the soil, planting seeds, weeding, watering, and eventually harvesting their crops. 

While learning firsthand how to grow food sustainably and organically, the SAVA students provide visitors with a chance to see real farming in action, and a use for the compost generated onsite.  This is a wonderful compliment to the heirloom orchard and kitchen garden elementary students will get dirty in during field trips.

Donations of seeds, gardening tools, hoses, wheelbarrows, gloves, watering cans, potting soil, soil implements, and a tiller would enhance our gardening and farming programs.