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Hog Shed and Corral

May contain: apparel, clothing, pants, person, human, outdoors, nature, shelter, building, rural, countryside, jeans, and denim
Boy Scout David Liley designing a plan for renovation.
May contain: human, person, outdoors, nature, apparel, clothing, and pants
The old hog shed
May contain: person, human, outdoors, nature, road, dirt road, and gravel
Plank-covered hay bale benches will provide comfortable seating
May contain: soil, nature, outdoors, ground, land, and plant
The completed hog corral will corral visitors for animal demonstrations.
May contain: building and bridge
The condition of the hog corral before renovations.

Two Troop 59 Boy Scouts, Jason Hamel and David Liley, decided to restore our hog shed and attached corral, so they can be used for an animal theater.