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High School Work-based Learning and Service Projects

If you think teens are too young to make a difference, think again! Much of the brainpower, creativity, and skill involved in turning the old dairy into an educational paradise came from students! Local high school Career Tech Education programs and academies, along with community youth groups, got involved in the design and construction of exhibits, decorating the farmhouse, and rehabbing the farm plot. They designed and built our shed, smokehouse, hog shed, milk wagon, raised beds, benches, and sawhorse roping dummies. While the students gained real-world work experience, the Nicolaus Dairy gained high-quality enhancements. Look for their work all around the property!

High school students are serving as interns in various capacities. Some learned about wildlife and land management with the Bufferlands staff while others assisted with water quality testing.  Additional students studied environemental sustainability practices of the sanitation district while interning in the main office. A student docent intern program is currently under development.