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Farm Workshop

Farm workshops were integral to any early farm operation. With repair shops far away, no internet or online shopping, and limited resources, farmers learned to repair and repurpose what they had to fill their mechanical, vehicular, tool, and household needs.  Our original farm workshop has been renovated and decorated to represent farm life from the 1800s through mid-20th century. The Nicolaus family's original workbench, work table, and chest of drawers have been restored and now display our antique tool collection, made possible by some generous, local donors.  South Sacramento's William Daylor High School (Elk Grove Unified School District)  Building and Construction Trades students assisted us in furnishing the workshop. Visitors will practice using workshop tools on four rustic, recyled wood work tables created by the students. Interpretive signage explaining the importance of a farm workshop, the common practices or repurposing and repairing, the mechanization of the agricultural industry following WWII, and the role of the Women's Land Army during both world wars add finishing touches and extend our visitors' learning.