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About Us

Project AWE is a collaborative effort of the Sacramento Regional
County Sanitation District (Regional San), the Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD), Sacramento Splash,and other community partners. We offer educational opportunities at a historic dairy site for the community and K-12 students in the areas of Agriculture, Water, Energy, and the Environment (AWE).

Our Vision

Preserve local history for the community while promoting sustainable practices and environmental stewardship through K-12 education programs.

Our Mission 

  • Involve the community.
  • Preserve local history.
  • Provide high school students with opportunities for work-based learning and career pathways.
  • Provide field trip programs, curricula, and teacher training for effective implementation.
  • Highlight career awareness, STEM skills, stewardship, and 21st Century Learning Skills.
  • Focus on agriculture, water, waste management, energy, and environmental education themes.

Our programs will eventually utilize three areas of the Regional San property located in northwest Elk Grove:

  • The historic Nicolaus Dairy, established 1890
  • The Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (SRWTP)
  • The 2,150-acre nature preserve known as the Bufferlands

Currently, we are operating the Nicolaus Dairy Programs. These include a 4th grade dairy-based program, a 5th grade farm-to-fork program, and a 2nd-5th grade beneficial insect program. A 3rd grade bird and poultry program is under development.