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5th Grade: Dirt to Dinner

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Our fall 2021 pilot progam for 5th grade is currently full and closed. We plan to increase our capacity in the 2022-23 school year.  Check back!

Students will get down and dirty as they learn about the origins of the food they eat. They will discover that the energy they use to grow and play originated in the sun and traveled through many steps in the food chain (including the dirt) before landing on their plate. Students will examine the roles that the sun, decomposers, soil quality, water, plant structures, and fertilizers play in producing nutritious food while also learning how energy and matter move through an ecosystem and how the Earth’s spheres interact.  Lessons on organic farming, composting, water conservation, and aquaculture will introduce students to modern sustainability practices as students gain career exposure in these important fields. Several engineering design challenges address real-world agriculture issues in developing nations. The unit culimates with lessons and a service project addressing food waste.

Field trip activities include participation in sustainabile farming practices, planting and harvesting, and food preparation and processing, The file below contains a video of 5th grade students having fun while learning at the dairy!