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4th Grade: Moovin' into the Valley

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Our pilot program has reached max capacity!   Following our pilot year, fourth grade programs will be available to all Sacramento-area classrooms. 

Though today they represent urban and suburban areas, the cities of Elk Grove and Sacramento began their existence as farming communities. In fact, so did the entire state of California.This 4th grade unit integrates social studies and science as it introduces students to the wonderful world of dairy cows and the California dairy industry. Taking a trip through time, students learn how the dairy industry has played an important role in every single era of post-European exploration California. From the missions to rancheros, from the pioneers to the Gold Rush, from the railroad to WWII, the dairy industry has shaped California. Engaging science lessons introduce students to the bovine digestive systems, milk production and processing, pasteurization, genetics, the herd mentality, biosolids recycling, and sustainable dairy practices. Throughout the unit, students will gain exposure to dairy-related careers and technology and discover the answers to some common dairy trivia questions such as "Do brown cows really make chocolate milk?”  The unit culminates in a field trip to the historic Nicolaus Dairy with emphasis on the milk barn dairy museum, hands-on milking and butter/ice cream/or yogurt production, dairy product tasting, and cow-handling skills.