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3rd grade: Birds of a Feather

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Pilot program teachers wanted for the 2020-2021 school year!  Contact Patti Sipula at (redacted) or 916-892-2211. This program will be open to all Sacramento-area 3rd grade teachers in 2021, following our pilot year.

By participating in the unit’s inquiry-based lessons, students will address multiple NGSS, CCSS, and SS standards while learning about the unique physical and behavioral adaptations of birds, our community’s role in sustaining migrating waterfowl, and California’s poultry industry.

During the complimentary standards-based field trip, students will engage in multiple hands-on learning activities such as owl pellet dissection, bird feeder design, and birdwatching. Career exposure and a sense of stewardship will be gained through interaction with both wild and domesticated birds and the people who care for them. Students will come face-to-face with rescued raptors and resident farm chickens!